Matt not on stage with U2 in Zagreb!
Matt likes to think of himself as a creative catalyst. He has a weakness for getting excited about good ideas and making them happen, particularly against the clock. He has been employed for his ability to initiate and oversee successful projects, and to pen a compelling phrase or two. He can't remember exactly how many songs he's written these days but it's probably in three figures. While indulging a punk rock attitude as a live guitarist he also enjoys crafting alternative-synth-pop tunes in the spare bedroom.

Matt has posted hundreds of videos on YouTube. Most of them are here but the ones specifically about Bosnia and Herzegovina are here.

You can download some of Matt's pop punk songs here and listen to his 'bedroom music' here.

Occassionally Matt says something funny on Twitter!

Rowan with some of her creations.
Rowan is a youth and community work professional, with the degree to prove it. When she left the UK in 2008 she left behind a big, red ex-London bus that she had, almost singlehandedly, helped find a new life as a mobile youth centre. (She got someone else to do the carpentry!) Describing herself as 'a creative kind of English girl' she has been making and designing amigurumi since early 2009. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed dolls and although neither Rowan or her dolls have been to Japan this year her creations are appearing in two exhibitions in the USA.

Rowan has her own blog charting the rise of her amiguruni empire.

You can buy you very own piece of hand-made cuteness here.

And up to the minute product updates happen via Twitter.

Matt and Rowan have been married since 1998.