Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Strike a light!

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that this picture is shot in almost exactly the same location as my post of a week ago today. It appears because yet again it is the location of a surprising sight. I draw your attention to the festive lights strung across the street. These are, in themselves, not much of a marvel. There are plenty of reasons – well at least two! – why there should be lights up at this time of year. It’s just that I heard Mostar was going to pass on having a New Year celebration in Spanish Square this year as a city without a budget finds it hard to finance such things. I had wondered if non-essential illuminations would find themselves plunged into darkness. It’s nice to see things are a little brighter than I imagined.

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Postgate said...

Marginally more elaborate than the lights that strapped for cash Horsham has put up this year. For which we are grateful: no more vulgar displays or hideous pink furry things festooning Middle Street, just quiet, refined, pea lights in the trees. Aaah, much better!