Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Beware of the candle!

We came to visit Bosnia Herzegovina six months before we moved out here. It was during that trip Rowan told a friend from Sarajevo about a then recent power cut we’d had in the UK. ‘We had no power for thirty minutes’ she said. ‘We had a power cut for three years’ came the reply! So far we’ve yet to experience any of those kinds of hardships in this country, save for one overnight stay in a small town that only has its mains water switched on every other day – we were there on the wrong day!

However, I wrote the title of this post not because I was concerned where exactly I left my Maglight - although I do wonder if I might have lost it! – instead, I had in mind the age-old advise of not trying to burn a candle at both ends. After a few months of easing into life over here we are now risking a slide back into the old, unhealthy, habit of working every hour the good Lord gives! Given the sort of things that fill our days that’s not a hardship but I can sense a little resistance from my body. I also know we did say we wouldn’t aim for burn out. So this is the chance of all concerned souls to write us scolding emails!

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